When the world is too FAST

Feb 11, 2009

That word.. “FAST”

It keeps on flashing in my mind on my way home.  In the bus or in the jeepney – or whatever my mode of transport may be. It was like someone is speaking to me – telling me to move.

Fast. Fast. Fast.

And 2 hours after, I am still thinking about it. What is this?

(A thought came to mind).

We have been all so busy preparing and thinking about the different events in our lives, our work, the people we are working with, the upcoming “situations,” and the things we have to do. But I was just reminded of a story of  a missionary who said.. “The Spirit is moving fast, we should hold on to it.. or it would just pass you by.”

And because of all the things we need and should do.. or even how fast we do all these things, we might tend to forget where the Holy Spirit is. What is the spirit behind all these things? Where does it leads us?

And how we should hold on… or it might just pass us by.

This is a statement we should not take for granted. I once prayed, Lord, let me flow with Your Spirit. Guide me. Direct me. Show me.

With that, another thought came to mind.

Still, it’s all about the word “fast”.  It hit me. As we move fast with the Lord, we should also try to “fast”. To willingly abstain from things or food that we want. These two “fast” words just showed me how God can really really work.

Man, God works and can work really fast. In the right place and time. As we try to hang on, fasting is one of those ways we could find and sacrifice more for us to see God and how He moves. This is my reflection.

And this reflection should be imitated in my life – in our lives.