The Power of Love

Apr 9, 2012

We must all believe in love and in peace. We must believe in the power of love. We must recognize that our being itself is grounded in love; that is to say, that we come into being because we are loved and because we are meant to love others.   There is nothing more positive, more creative than the faith by which the Creator of all dwells and acts in our hearts.

– Merton Reflections

During the World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, I cried and prayed in front of the Blessed Sacrament during the Eucharistic Adoration together with Pope Benedict XVI.  A truly moving experience where I get to be in front of the stage, with a camera in hand, watching the event take place.  Every minute was a miracle of love.

I never expected to be there, right in front, kneeling down, praying, and giving my heart out.  That for me was a miracle.  A miracle of His great love.  With that, when doubts arises, I will always remember that night.  It was the night I prayed and offered everything to God.

The Power of His love. That’s when I’ve realized that God will always be God.  

In whatever situations we are in, God is always God.  Almighty, Brave, Holy.  A loving God who keeps on comforting us even when we don’t want it. That’s also when I’ve realized that I don’t need to be attached to material things and to be more focused on my relationships.  In there, I will find great joy.

Knowing God more and His love more, I got to know myself more.  Of His great BIG love.  And I don’t need to do anything to gain that love, it has always been there.

And by relationships, I gained more friends that showed me love.  Friends that more than I have prayed for.  Friends that have become my family.  Who showed me that love knows no boundaries, no borders, no race and culture.  Friends who knows my weaknesses and showed me my strengths.  Friends who love me no matter what.

I know I was not alone in this world.  God gave them to me.

Beyond new gadgets, new gifts, and all material things in the world, it’s the relationship that I have treasured the most, that I have thanked the most.  It was the power of joy and that power of this four-letter word L-O-V-E that made cry out my Thank-yous to God.

Everyday is a day where wonderful things happened.  And let us not blind our eyes with these moments of great Love.

And as I kept my heart and eyes open, I am overwhelmed by God’s power of Love.